Let's continue exploring integer subtraction, but this time using a number line as a tool to subtract positive and negative values as well as represent our thinking.

Let’s continue our work with number lines and integers. This time, we’ll focus specifically on integer subtraction. The┬ánumber line is a great tool to help us find solutions to problems as well as a great way to organize and represent our thinking.

The video shown at the top of the post has the entire visual progression of integer subtraction using number lines. However, I have chunked the video into smaller pieces below which might be more useful when actually using with your students or your children at home.

Act 1 – Introducing the Number Line for Integer Subtraction

Watch this video.

The first visual video prompt has 6 black squares and the viewer is asked to take away 3 red squares.

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 01 Act 1 Visual Prompt

As we saw in previous integer videos, the viewer should already know that when you combine a black and red square, they disappear. This is an intuitive approach to the zero principle.

Therefore, adding 3 red squares and 3 black squares will introduce enough red squares to be subtracted as the question asks.

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 02 Act 2 Visual Prompt

When we take away the 3 red squares, we are left with the 6 black squares we started with plus an additional 3 black squares for a total of 9 black squares.

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 03 Act 3 Solution

The Act 1 Video shows another example, this time starting with red squares and taking away black squares.

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 04 Question 2 Visual Prompt

After the viewer is shown how to tackle this visual prompt, a challenge is presented at the end of the Act 1 video as we head closer to the symbolic representation for positive and negative integers:

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 08 Sequel Act 1 Visual Prompt


Act 3 Visual Video Silent Solution

Watch the Act 3 video to see the silent solution of the challenge.

Sequel Act 1 Video Visual Prompt

At the end of the Act 3 video, viewers are given a second challenge.

Integer Subtraction Using a Number Line - 11 Sequel 2 Act 1 Visual Prompt

Sequel Act 3 Visual Video Silent Solution

Watch the Sequel Act 3 video silent solution.


How are you using these visual video prompts? Let us know in the comments and on social media!


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